THE FIRST STEPS for Veterans of Military Service

Through their actions and efforts they acquired the status of military service veteran. They served our country from within a military “family” unit where they performed their duty loyally  without forethought of recognition or gain.  In so doing their example provides us with the real meaning of “selfless service”. It also serves to encourage a spirit of common brotherhood and alerts us to the need to value and preserve the rich heritage of America’s composite culture. They served and fought for us! Unfortunately, “in war there are no unwounded soldiers.” The cadre of veterans among us affected by sacrifices and challenges of war need us to encourage them to take the first step to regain normalcy. In their words:  “We build walls to the outside world to keep at bay the sadness of life.  Hoping to gain control over unfathomable forces in our minds seeking to hold sway.   We avoid places and settings that might spark anxiety by embroiling us in daily strife.  Yet to our minds is ever clinging the urge to regain normalcy by taking the first step today.”

• Veterans Confidential Crisis Support Line: Dial 988 Press 1.

NOTE: You do not have to be enrolled in VA benefits or Healthcare to Call.

• VA Healthcare System, Charleston, SC 843-770-0444, Beaufort, SC 843-789-6500

• Brite Life Recovery Center, Hilton Head, SC 866-470-2187

• Coastal Empire Community, Mental Health Center, Beaufort, SC 843-524-3378

• Southern Sky Drugs Recovery Center, Beaufort, SC 843-891-5693

• Heads-Up Guidance Center, Savannah, GA 912-325-7422

• Beaufort County Alcohol & Drug Abuse Dept., Beaufort, SC & Bluffton, SC 843-255-6000 & 866-312-4647 S

Article Courtesy: Bill Mullen of the US ARMY