Are You a Veteran or Spouse of a Veteran? Wartime Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefits

Congress has directed the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs to establish a program for eligible veterans and their surviving spouses to help pay for Assisted Living, Nursing Home Care, and Home Health Care.

The claimant may qualify for this benefit if the service, financial and medical qualifications are met. If you are a wartime veteran or spouse of a war time veteran and served for 90 consecutive days on active military, received a better than dishonorable discharge; and served at least one day of active duty during a wartime period you may be eligible.

Additional qualification includes: • Surviving Spouse must not have divorced the Veteran or remarried after the Veteran’s death. • The claimant must be certified by a doctor as needing assistance with their daily living activities. • The veteran or spouse must meet the asset and income requirements to qualify for these benefits. Some conditions that can qualify an individual for this benefit include: • Requiring assistance with at least two daily living activities. • Being legally blind in both eyes. • Any incapacity, physical or mental, that requires ongoing supervision and assistance to ensure safety and well-being.

The National Association of Veterans and Families (NAVF) is a private 501 c3 non-profit organization. Their Veteran Support Center was created to help senior veterans navigate the maze of government programs such as Medicaid, Aid & Attendance and to inform them about other senior programs available to veterans on a local level. Our staff and volunteers can answer your individual questions and provide you with an easy 2-step process that will help prepare you to file your benefits application. This will ensure that your application will be processed as quickly as possible. For additional information call: 800-352-2919.